Interim Director of Children’s Ministry Named

Renee Arrington will be acting Interim Director of Children’s Ministry.   We continue to search  for someone  to fill the permanent position.  If you or someone you know are interested in applying for the position, send resumes to


SWCA Is Looking to Hire a Teacher

SWCA is hiring a teacher for the classroom for 2 year olds. Please contact the school office at 281-893-2241 or email at for more information.


Looking for New or Gently Used Office Furniture

We are getting close to moving back into the office suite! Everything looks so nice and new, so we thought we would find out if anyone was getting rid of any gently used office furniture that would look nicer and newer than some of the items we have been using before the flood.  If you have something or you would like to bless the office with any new items, please contact Marge in the church office  We are looking specifically for desks, desk chairs, and couches or chairs for visitors to sit.

Donations Needed

We are taking donations for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Plastic Easter eggs and individually wrapped candies are needed to make our children’s Easter egg Hunt on Easter Sunday a success.  Bring donations and leave them in the bin in the great hall foyer.  Thank you for your generosity!


Bible Pathways

Mr. And Mrs. Frank Stephenson have been providing Spring Woods with the monthly Bible Pathways that have been available free of charge to members.  The Stephenson’s are moving to Blanco, TX this month and will no longer be providing the Bible Pathways.  If anyone would like to keep the Bible Pathways going, please contact the church office 281-444-6468 and we will get you connected.


The Annual Garage Sale Cancelled

The garage sale for 2018 has been cancelled.  Please do not bring items to the church.  Thank you.


Prayer Ministry Team

If you would like to serve your church by praying for the requests submitted throughout the week, please send an email to Suzanne at  Let her know you would like to be part of the team, and she will answer any questions you may have about this ministry.